Montag, 16. April 2012

Part 6 – It's all about the roof

We have been hard at work and very busy doing all the detailed fixing of the roof. The roof shape is quite intricate, and has always been regarded as providing some of the “character” you would expect of an old building. 
                                         (the old attic roof)

We’ve been replacing and strengthening the noggins, bits of wood that go in-between the frames and also doing work on the walls and rebuilding new windows. We decided to strengthening the entire frames of the top floor by removing the old support, and installing new ones a bit more higher up.
(new roof)

This tactic helps us create a large living space with lots of light available. The work’s been really intensive and visually, we have noticed a great deal of change already.. By the end of next week, though, the whole timber frame will be finished and we’ll be able to see the house as it’s going to look.

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  1. Nice house, nice blog and a nice couple. Hope the house stands for centuries to come and is home to many future momo and kojo generations!